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Welcome to a world full of danger, dragons, and demons. 

Welcome to a world of courage, adventure, and magic.

Welcome to the world of Rachel L. Schade.


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Not Sure Which Order to Read My Books In?

Both my Silent Kingdom and Cursed Empire series are complete, standalone series, meaning they can be read apart or in any order. The preferred reading order (in case you despise any and all potential spoilers like me) would be to start with my Silent Kingdom series. The events of these books take place first, and will briefly introduce you to some of main characters in the Cursed Empire series.


Silent Kingdom Series

silent kingdom cover 

Silent Kingdom (Silent Kingdom #1)

Chosen by truth. Marked for death. Halia must choose to save her kingdom, or let it fall.

Misroth’s king has died, and the entire kingdom is in mourning–or so it seems. After her father is crowned regent in his brother’s stead, Princess Halia discovers a terrible truth that could end her life. But when she flees to live in hiding, she discovers that the Royal Guard are not all she has to fear. Dark creatures stalk her, reports of oppression and war reach her ears, and her burden to protect her kingdom–at any cost–will not be silenced.



Forsaken Kingdom (Silent Kingdom #2)

An empty throne. A ruined kingdom. Is she their deliverance or their downfall?

Halia’s fight for her kingdom is only beginning. With Misroth’s rightful king in danger, Halia is forced to trust her enemy and embark on a dangerous journey into Toryn to find her cousin. But Toryn is in ruins, its people plagued by terrors and fighting for survival. As death stalks them all, Halia must face the darkness in her past and her deepest fears, until at last she is faced with one terrible question: How much is she willing to lose?


Broken Kingdom (Silent Kingdom #3)

Threatened by demons. Haunted by the Queen of Death. To save her kingdom, Halia will lose everything.

The barrier that protected Misroth for two hundred years is broken. While Halia is held captive by the monstrous nestrae, the demons march toward her homeland, threatening to destroy all she has fought to protect. Meanwhile, Gillen, the rightful king of Misroth, is battling for his life…and mind. The Life-Giver seems silent, but Nesrelle, Queen of Death, is not, and her message is clear: death isn’t finished with Halia–or the ones she loves.

Misroth’s only hope lies with its worst enemy: the Alrenian Empire, a bloodthirsty land that is both wicked and alluring, full of deadly games and fierce dragons. But time draws short. Misroth is crumbling into chaos and terror. The throne is empty. And the Queen of Death is waiting.

In this epic final installment of the Silent Kingdom series, readers will delve deeper into a world of tragedy and triumph, dragons and demons, and love and loss.


Cursed Empire Series

Empire of Dragons (Cursed Empire #1)

Fans of lush world-building, morally grey characters, enemies to lovers, and forbidden romance will devour this YA series.

Save the empire…or let it burn.

Revenge failed her…

Three years ago, Lo’laeni Nolanhou did the unthinkable, slaying the empress of the cruel Alrenian Empire and freeing her people, the Forwyn slaves. But the price of revenge wasn’t freedom, only guilt. Vowing to never kill again, Lo dedicated her life to the god Elhani, serving as a nun within the Circle of Serenity to fight against the injustices still wrought against her people in the torn capital of Alrenor.

Then Caesiem, a handsome and mysterious Teramese boy aligned with an underground Forwyn vigilante group, flips her world upside down. The unrest growing within Alrenor is worse than Lo realized. Corruption is everywhere…and the Forwyn vigilantes want an empress slayer.

Revenge fuels her…

For years, Empress Jaliana, Daughter of Karye, has been a captive in her own palace. A prisoner to her mother’s killers. A powerless pawn, alone and unable to take back her throne, her dragons, or her kingdom.

Until one night a never-before-seen gift manifests itself within Jalie. It’s terrifying. Brutal. Everything she has ever needed. But the Forwyn won’t give in easily. They task Kovi, a young soldier, to watch over her, and he challenges everything she’s ever believed about her enemies…

One empire. An age-old hatred. Two girls who will risk anything—even their souls—for their people.

Empire of Traitors (Cursed Empire #2) – Pre-order now!

The empire has fallen. A new one will rise.


Lo abandoned everything—her friends, her way of life, and perhaps even her soul—to save her people. But a shocking betrayal left her reeling…and the Alrenian Empire in enemy hands. Against all odds, she’s determined to continue fighting for her people’s freedom. Playing the role of spy and deceiver, Lo plots among her enemies by day and dodges her would-be killers by night. Unfortunately that means staying close to the thief who stole her heart—and her empire.


Caesiem has spent his life fighting to survive. Life has always forced him to make the hard decisions—kill or be killed, take or be left to die. Even after being adopted into the imperial family, his every decision has hinged on keeping the struggling Teramese people alive. But as he and his army establish a new empire and prepare for a looming war, he begins to question everything he ever thought he knew about his allegiances—and his own identity.


Kovi promised nothing would get in the way of his decision to serve and protect his people. He has always been the perfect soldier—no matter the price, or the pain. So when the Teramese make an offer that could spare Forwyn lives, he knows his loyalty is to his people…not his heart.


In the fight to regain her throne, Jalie thought winning her freedom would be the hardest step. But now she faces threats from all sides—even from fellow Alrenians who label her as weak and unworthy. Desperation leads her once again to Nesrelle, Queen of Death, who offers a bargain…at an uncertain price.

All have fought for their people. But will their sacrifices be worth the cost?

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