Mother’s Day Grief


Happy Mother’s Day! ⁣


For some of us, today is hard. It’s not that we don’t know mothers who deserve to be celebrated. (We do, oh, we do! And they deserve it SO, so much.) But today comes with grief. Weird mixed feelings that make it a day where you hold back tears. Maybe you feel bad that while others are celebrating and you feel you should wish them a happy day, you really just want to ignore this day altogether. Curl up into a ball, and sleep it away. Or distract yourself so you can pretend it is any other day. ⁣

(Me too.)⁣

You aren’t alone.⁣

So to the women who long to be mothers, but are not able to be: ⁣

To the women who have lost a child or children: ⁣

To those who never met their mothers or have complicated relationships with them: ⁣

To those who have lost their moms: ⁣

It’s OK if you are not OK today. It’s OK to take time to grieve. It’s OK to hurt.⁣ ⁣
It’s OK,⁣
it’s OK,⁣
it’s OK.⁣

Much love, from me. May today shower you with unexpected blessings and joy. 💙

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